What is an accent?

Everyone has an accent. An accent is made up of sounds, intonations, stress and rhythm of a language. Our accent can tell part of our story and where we are from.

While our accents are a part of our expression, they can also create misunderstandings in our communication experience. Has anyone asked you to repeat yourself because they could not understand your accent? Are you uncomfortable speaking up because you are not sure if you will be understood? You might be ready to UPGRADE YOUR ACCENT!

What is Accent Modification?

Accent Modification (also known as accent reduction) is changing an accent to be more easily understood and respected. This process is individualized and involves learning new ways to produce difficult sounds and vowels. Other features of accent such as stress, rhythm, nasality and intonation may also be incorporated into accent modification.

Just like learning a new language, accent modification takes work and consistency. In order to learn a new skill set, you must make time to practice. Regular homework is assigned to help you practice and master your new skills!

Why Should I Consider Accent Modification?

You have worked hard to learn English! You have spent years learning vocabulary, parts of speech, sentence structure etc. Accent modification takes you to the next level to sound more like a native speaker. Your thoughts and ideas are important. Upgrading your accent through accent modification will ensure that your thoughts and ideas speak louder than your accent.


How Can Accent Modification Help Me?

Accent modification will give you new tools to accurately hear and produce American sounds. The sounds are the building blocks of a language. You may be a fantastic speller, but unfortunately, words in English may not sound the way they are spelled. Accent modification will help you to learn the difference between sounds and spelling, and help your language to sound more natural, like a native speaker.

Accent Modification can improve your quality of life. You don’t have to second guess your communication or have others always questioning what you are trying to say. Professionally, others will be able to relate better to you because you will sound more like your native English-speaking colleagues. You may find yourself with more clients and a growing business, all because you took the effort to invest in yourself to UPGRADE your ACCENT.